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Stone and ceramic tile flooring products are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes, colors, and prices to fit every need. We can help you create that personal design for your floor, shower, or backsplash. The options are endless.

Brands we carry: American Olean, Crossville, Daltile, Florida Tile, Interceramic, Glazzio, Happy Floors, and Altas Concorde.

Advantages to using Tile Floors in your home

  • Tile when installed and maintained properly will last for the life of your home.
  • It can be easily cleaned with a neutral floor cleaner.
  • It offers a wide variety of looks, colors, and patterns.
  • It is extremely durable and is an excellent choice for high traffic areas.
  • It is an investment that pays off by increasing the value of your home.

Disadvantages to using Tile Floors in your home

  • Tile is difficult to install. Professional installation is highly recommended.
  • It could chip when hard items are dropped on them.
  • It is a very hard surface. Plates and glasses may break if dropped.
  • Tile floors may feel cooler to the touch than other floor types in low-temperature environments.

Tile Styles

Glazed Ceramic

  • Glazed Ceramic Tile is the least expensive option when using a standard 4×4 size.
  • It is most commonly used on walls.
  • Its smooth surface provides ease of maintenance.
  • It comes in a large range of colors & sizes offering lots of design options.
  • It is most often used to achieve that cottage or vintage bathroom tile design on the wall.
  • It will usually have a red or white base with the color being added to the top of the tile.

Unglazed Ceramic

  • Unglazed Ceramic Tile is the least expensive option when using a standard 1×1 or 2×2 sizes.
  • It is most commonly used on floors.
  • Its natural surface is more slip-resistant than glazed ceramic tile.
  • It will stand up better to wear as there is no glazed finish to wear off.
  • It is most often used to achieve that cottage or vintage bathroom design on the floor.

Glazed Porcelain

  • Glazed Porcelain Tile has the color applied to the top layer just as Ceramic Tile does.
  • It usually has more color depth and design.
  • It is usually stronger than ceramic tiles but this is not always true. The strength of the tile depends on the temperature it was made at. There are Ceramic tiles that have higher ratings that Porcelain Tiles

Through Body Porcelain

  • Through Body Porcelain Tile have the same color throughout the tile. These are great options if you are concerned with tiles chipping.
  • It is usually more slip resistant.
  • It is recommended for outdoor use in frost freeze environments. Just because a tile is porcelain does not mean it is warranted for outdoor use. When you are looking for tile to be placed outside, be sure to specify that you need a tile that has a frost freeze warrantee.

Marble and Granite

  • Marble and Granite Tiles are all natural.
  • It provides a smooth, sleek, upscale look.
  • It is more expensive than Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles.
  • It is more expensive and harder to install due to its smooth surface and small grout lines.
  • It needs to be sealed.
  • It requires special cleaners to prevent the damage to the surface.
  • It does not hold up well in heavy traffic areas and will need to be polished to hold up its sheen.


  • It comes in many colors and combinations. The options are endless.
  • It reflects light making the room they are used in look bigger and brighter.
  • It is more expensive than Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles.
  • It will scratch and depending on the surface, the scratches will be noticeable.
  • It is more expensive and harder to install. If they are not installed properly you will see mortar lines through the tile.

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